Warning on new app: Unable to resolve manifest assets.

Hello, I am new to react native and expo, however I keep running into this error and upon googling it had found literally no results. The error is as follows:
Warning: Unable to resolve manifest assets. Icons and fonts might not work. invalid json response body at https://api.expo.dev/v2/project/configuration/schema/46.0.0 reason: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0.

expo version 6.0.5
npx 6.14.8
node v14.15.1
macOs 12.6

To recreate, I just used npx-create-expo-app and npx expo start
Nothing in project has been changed.
If anyone has insight, would be appreciated.

I am stuck with the same problem :frowning: Let me know if you find the solveā€¦

Hi @ozdv and @bunsil

What do you get if you load that URL in a web browser? Or with curl https://api.expo.dev/v2/project/configuration/schema/46.0.0 in a terminal window?

i.e. https://api.expo.dev/v2/project/configuration/schema/46.0.0

Are you by any chance behind a corporate proxy server or something like that?

I suspect the error is caused by you getting some HTML when trying to access that URL instead of the expected JSON.