VPS setup to serve Expo packager

Hello guys,

Does anybody know how to setup VPS to serve packages?
npm start runs fine but not sure how to setup ports right to be able to connect to it.
I have Debian.

hi there!

the ports are in the .expo/packager-info.json file inside of your project directory.


  "expoServerPort": 19002,
  "packagerPort": 19003,
  "packagerPid": 70024,
  "expoServerNgrokUrl": "https://du-mru.brentlol.native-component-list.exp.direct",
  "packagerNgrokUrl": "https://packager.du-mru.brentlol.native-component-list.exp.direct",
  "ngrokPid": 70038

you will need to be able to access both expoServerPort and packagerPort

another option is to specify what ports you want to use. you can create a .exprc file in your project root and do:

  "manifestPort": "19123"