Virtual android device using hyper-v


I am developing a reactive native app that requires a Docker backend on Win 10. My big issue is docker for windows requires hyper-v for the virtualisation and thats incompatible with VirtualBox… meaning there is no way to use Genymotion.

Switching to Docker Toolbox / disabling hyper-v is not an option as it is a legacy solution now and for me doesnt work well on win10.

Are there any hyper-v android emulators I can use with expo? I’m currently playing with the standalone Visual Studio emulator but not too sure its possible to hook it up.


@mmmguitar I’m not too familiar with hyper-v, but afaik, the recommended emulators in order of preference are Genymotion and Android Studio emulator.

You could try to use the “Visual Studio Emulator for Android” packaged with Visual Studio 2017. Unfortuately I am not able to get the Expo client started on such a virtual device. Deployment of Expo via the Expo XDE works though…
Going without Hyper-V is no option for me either as I need docker too…