Video's is not being loaded completely with getInfoAsync (Not full size) expo

  1. SDK Version: 4.0.17
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): IOS 14.4

Hello everyone,

I’m using the following code to get my video, and upload it to S3.
And the uploading kinda of works, but it only uploads/finds like 200kb(1 frame basically) of the video ,that is way bigger than that.

Originally i have this Object, which contains the "“assets-library:” url for the file.
Then i go and copy from this path to my cached directory, and from this point on we can access the files information.

                            let newId = makeid(10) + "." + uploadItem.filename.split('.').pop();;
                            const path = FileSystem.cacheDirectory + newId
                            await FileSystem.copyAsync({
                                from: uploadItem.uri,
                                to: path
                            }).then(() => {
                                console.log("File has been copied")
                            }).catch((err) => {
                                console.log("error", err)

                            let file = await FileSystem.getInfoAsync(path, { md5: true, size: true });
                            if (file) {

From this i get the following result:

Object {
  "exists": true,
  "isDirectory": false,
  "md5": "fb625b55365479e8e6fcab6d74b0160f",
  "modificationTime": 1612486372.300014,
  "size": 206711,
  "uri": "file:///var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/69397E6D-5F90-4B8B-A378-ADF7D755D034/Library/Caches/ExponentExperienceData/%2540anonymous%252Fbibbu-30d91604-3fd6-4f5b-9efd-eebae9bc85e1/XVTYW6LIVT.MP4",

The file is way smaller then if i upload directly to S3, so i dont understand what’s wrong, or what i might be doing wrong.

I would appreciate all the help i can get!

Best regards Daniel

Got around it.
If any one else have this issue in the future:

You can get the true localUri from the file by using MediaLibrary:

let itemId = '6174B47B-C445-4ED5-B071-F3041084708B/L0/001'
const info = await MediaLibrary.getAssetInfoAsync(itemId)
const uri = info.localUri // use this for upload
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Thanks for sharing the solution with the community, @danielmedvec. Really appreciate when people take time out of there day to help out others.


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