Video----What does the server have to do?


I’m doing an app which require loading video from the server. However, I’m not quite familiar with how the “Video Component” works. According to the docs, Video component is able to load a video from a remote link. My question is, does the component download the whole video from the server then plays it? I’m quite sure this is not the case( easily seen from the docs). But what if I seek to some position of the video? Does the component automatically do all the underlying work, such as sending http 206 request to the server( and the serve must support 206 request) or it just wait until all the data is ready until the position seeked is ready? In other words, if I turn on “use native control” which give me full control of seeking, does it require the server support http 206 request? Or it just wait until the video is ready to play?

I’m quite a noobie. Thanks for your patience and help!!!

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