Video recording format and file size.

I have a working app that records video and saves it on the camera roll of my device, then uploads it to S3. I’m using the lowest quality posible, but the file size is still too big to upload to S3 using mobile data (The video is 1MB per second). I don’t need a very detailed video, I just need it to be small.
Is there a way to record in .mp4? Or maybe a way to compress the .mov file that the expo camera saves?

I’m using Expo SDK 28.

Thanks in advance,

Hey @gaboleskul,

Unfortunately I don’t think there is much you can do here since you’ve already set the quality to the lowest argument possible. You can’t switch from .mov to .mp4 on iOS and you won’t be able to run any compression on the video file without ejecting and using a third-party library that requires native configuration.



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