Video Playback has weird "clicking" noise

I’m learning about recording videos and such with react-native and expo and I’ve come across a frustrating problem when playing back the videos. I can record the videos just fine, front facing and back facing, but then when I go to play them back, the front facing camera video has a fairly loud “clicking” noise in it.

Some notes:

  • I am testing on an iOS device, I have not tried Android
  • I am importing from expo-camera and expo-av
  • Clicking seems to happen only on front facing recordings
  • This is a brand new expo/rn project
  • I have been able to reproduce it with different snacks that I will post below.

Here’s a link to a video (in a tweet) of it happening -
If you turn up your volume you can hear it right at the 0-1 second mark.

After searching through issues on github, I found this snack created that also has video recording and playback in it. I was able to reproduce the clicking here by switching the camera between front/back inside components/Record.js -

I have also tried turning off any touch/haptic feedback clicks on my iPhone wondering if that caused the problem but it did not have an impact on the playback. Lastly, I also looked through previous posts and github issues as well and haven’t seen anything related as of yet.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

I created my own snack here ( where I am experiencing the same issue with the “clicking” only on front facing video. (Note, it saves the video to your device so you would have to view it there to verify).

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