Video Chat with Expo?

Newb here. Thank you in advance for any advice, it’s greatly appreciated.

I was wondering if there was a way to implement a video chat with Expo.

Here is a package for video chat but I don’t think it will work using Expo. Is that correct?


Hello! If you want to use that package you need to detach and then link it manually. We don’t have built in support for video chat right now.

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Here is a nice piece of software which allows you to use webRTC as a plugin in Expo without having to eject. There is also an example available in EXPO 47. GitHub - geoffcfchen/webRTC-react-native-firebase-expo

Now I’m wondering. is it a rock solid solution, or if we need the possibility to securely scalup. wouldnt it be safer to use videoSDK in expo. But I havent find a plugin for this yet.

Also check React Sample GitHub - MirrorFly/MirrorFly-React-Sample: MirrorFly enables an easy and fast integration of standard chat and call features into new or existing apps.

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Hi ! I have started from GitHub - geoffcfchen/webRTC-react-native-firebase-expo
I have reworked the code to split the call making from the call receiving…

It works fine when you stay on local using the simple google free stun server.

Then… …I have subscribed to to get a turn server (free untill a certain level of traffic)

My plan to move next is : to install my own turn server on a docker… One is available on the docker hub.

There is only one point i didn’t achieve yet… …i dont know how to route the audio to the device loudspeaker… …and for a video chat, is kind of mandatory… :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha also… …in the code, they use firebase to store the capabilities of the device… …I’m sure it is not necessary, but i haven’t succeeded to do it without… :wink:

PS) you have to go to Expo custom development…

Hi Jesse, it works good on Expo custom development…