Very low accuracy from getCurrentPositionAsync in some situations

  1. SDK Version: 37
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS):

Hi, I’m working on an app that records the user position like this:

let coordinates = await Location.getCurrentPositionAsync({
    enableHighAccuracy: true,
    accuracy: Location.Accuracy.Highest,

The app is meant to be used outdoors and quite often in places where there’s very low mobile signal or even none at all. And in those scenarios I get accuracies of up to 2600 mts, more than 1.5 miles. Not really sure how low signal affects GPS measures.

I’ve tried making further attempts whenever returned accuracy is worse than 100m but this only seems to work in urban settings where accuracy is pretty good on the first attempt already.

Also, we’ve observed the problem so far with 3 different android phones, 3 different models, in different locations. All with highest possible setting of positioning options. Worst measurements happen with the two older models.

Should I try to collecting positions of the device leading to the final place where the position will be recorded?

I’ve read that in some cases historical GPS data is used and sometimes helps getting rid of that data before attempting to get current position. Does this make sense to try? Is there ways to clear this data in the Expo/RN context?

Thanks for reading!

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