Very basic PUSH + linking question

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  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): all
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Is it possible to have PUSH open a URL? I’m testing using Push Notification Tool — Expo and have a key and I can send via API easily enough with a title and body. However, I’m not sure what my JSON data would be if I want to alter the actions of what occurs when a user taps the notification. For example (for learning purposes), instead of the PUSH opening Expo Go, just have it open a URL. I’m a newbie and have read through the docs, but can’t find an answer (Or I’m overlooking it).

Eventually, I’ll be using deep linking. But, for now, I’m just not sure what the payload should look like to alter the PUSH “link” behavior (And please correct my nomenclature if needed for I can learn).

Thank you!

Here is some documentation about handling push notifications in your app.

The JSON data you pass can be pretty much anything and it will just be passed to the handler. To make a notification send you to a URL, you could encode a URL in the JSON and then in your handler code, have that redirect the user to the URL specified in the JSON data. Does that make sense?

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