Vanilla React Native push notifications in Expo

I have a complete application prototype built with Expo, but using Expo push notifications is not an option, because the server uses Amazon SNS and they will not include an Expo push notification server

So, my first approach is using react-native-push-notification
But it is designed for a vanilla RN project, not for an Expo one
The only way to use it is ejecting my current Expo app to RN
Which is a shame :cry:

It is possible to use react-native-push-notification in Expo?
What other alternatives do I have?

hello! can you server not just switch to using an expo push sdk instead of using amazon sns directly?

I was hoping, but not. Because there is another version -Cordova- of the app which of course does not do Expo push notfications and because I don’t have control over the backend and they won’t switch

I’m having the same problem. I HAVE to use Amazon SNS for the backend. How could I get the push notification token to send it to the device?

you need to detach your project