V32 Project with path ':expoview' could not be found in project ':app'

I’m getting a “Project with path ‘:expoview’ could not be found in project ‘:app’.” error when I try to sync my newly exported expo project in Android Studio (v 3.4)

This is my first time trying to run the ejected app, and I haven’t gotten it to run successfully as an ejected app.

The error seems to be coming from line 194 of my build.gradle file:

  implementation(project(path: ':expoview'))

I’ve tried following the advice in this forum post, but it doesn’t seem to directly apply to v32

Any idea what I might be doing wrong here?

Hey @reggie3 - I can’t reproduce this on a newly ejected project. I’m not sure how that line got into your build.gradle file – it’s possible we had a faulty ExpoKit release at some point and you managed to eject at exactly that time. :disappointed: Could you post your whole build.gradle file? We should be able to help you fix it. (You can also email secure@expo.io if you’re concerned about posting it publicly here.)