v29 SDK, Assets are not getting uploaded in production version but works in dev.

I can see all the images and assets in the dev version of our application, but when i use exp publish/expo-cli publish/xde publish[tried all of these options] the assets are not available on the release version of the app even after these commands are successfully completed. This was working on the expo sdk version 27, we just upgraded our app to version 29.
In the message it also says that there are no changes in assets so it doesn’t upload them online.

We upgraded from v28 to v29 and all of our images disappeared in the standalone app (so far checked only Android). Works fine in dev mode. We removed node_modules, tried publishing/building locally and in the pipeline. We just use a couple of .png files

yes i’ve had this problem on android too(we only use expo for android as of now so can’t say about iOS). I’ve tried renaming an asset file, removing adding node_modules by using both yarn and npm, downgrading the exp version to 55.0.5 and also used 56.0.0 . No luck yet.

Same thing on ios…

Our team is working on this: https://github.com/expo/expo/issues/2060

@jakubste thanks for the update.

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