V20 - Google Login: Unable to refresh token on the server

Hey Expo!

As usual, thanks for an awesome release!

We ran into an issue with Google accessTokens and refreshTokens - primarily that we can’t refresh a token on our server that’s been generated.

I believe the issue has to do with the fact that in expo-sdk, its setting both the clientId AND the serverClientId as the same value.

I’ve created a PR in hopes of fixing this on the native side located here:https://github.com/peterpme/expo/blob/5f349f2b938630bdd347512e2ec0c71875ba5863/ios/Exponent/Versioned/Modules/Api/EXGoogle.m#L66


Thanks for the PR! We’ll take a look at it before the next release.

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Hey Jesse, thanks for the quick reply! Just out of curiosity do you have an idea when the next release will be? Next month?

Thanks again!

Probably next month. We might do a minor release in a couple of weeks depending on how many other fixes we have.

Thanks Jesse!

There’s been a bunch of folks in Expo Slack with the same issue, so until this is fixed, here’s a workaround:

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