Using the expo-cli to build for both iOS/Android at the same time

Is there any simple way to build for both platforms at the same time without re-publishing?

Should I just build for one of them with publishing and then run the second build with –no-publish?

Thanks :slight_smile:

yeah that will work! perhaps @jakubste @fson or @dsokal know whether this is possible in another way or have some other plans around this flow

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Hello @nirpeled,
currently the flow you’re describing is the only possibility to build for both platforms without re-publishing. However, the support for simultaneous builds (with one command only) is on our todo list and we’re hoping to deliver this feature soon.

Wow that will be awesome, thanks guys for the great work :slight_smile:

If I want to be more involved and help you out with feature requests, how can I do that? (I don’t want to just jump in into something and open a PR without going through you first)

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