Using startLocationUpdatesAsync shows up with blue navigation level location indicator when app is not in foreground

Using watchPositionAsync and it’s showing up with this indicator if the app is not foregrounded as opposed to the standard indicator, regardless of the accuracy level used.

I was under the impression that the blue tracking indicator would only display if using Location.Accuracy. BestForNavigation however the blue tracking indicator displays even if Location.Accuracy.Lowest is passed.

Reproducible demo:

Edit: thanks to @hubex_developers, here’s more information on when it’ll appear

Hey @metoo!

Is your snack you provided correct? You’re talking about watchPositionAsync but this snack uses background location updates :smile:

@tsapeta I meant to say startLocationUpdatesAsync

@metoo, so the blue background location indicator can display regardless of the accuracy level used. It doesn’t have to be Location.Accuracy.BestForNavigation :wink:

Me and I’m sure many others are interested in periodically checking the user’s location in an unobtrusive way to help them with location based features. I had thought that this would be possible with the new Background geolocation tracking feature. Is there a different setup that’s needed to avoid the obvious blue bar at the top (which is definitely appropriate for a navigation type app)?

The expo app itself appears with the blue bar, however in my standalone it appears as the standard background location arrow, even using Accuracy.Highest. I opened this when I noticed it in the expo app because I was worried it would carry over to the standalone. If it shows up I’ll update you but have not experienced it yet.

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I went ahead and built the SDK32 version of the app for iOS and submitted it to TestFlight. After upgrading the version on my phone via TestFlight and starting the app, I still get the blue pulsing bar at the top of my screen until I close the app (i.e double button - swipe up). :confused:

Any other pointers on how to get it to inconspicuously collect geo data in background?

@tsapeta - Can you let us know if there is a way to operate background geo location without the blue bar?


The blue bar can only appear when there is at least one background location task started that has showsBackgroundLocationIndicator option set to true.
Please make sure that you don’t have more tasks started/registered in your experience or others, also including the new diagnostics tab - it’s better to turn off the diagnostics at all.

hey, there is instruction how to hide blue notice in iOS

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