Using SlidingTabNavigation inside TabNavigation

I’m using ex-navigation and encounter a problem that I’ve been trying to fix for the last few days.

So my home screen is a TabNavigation with two TabNavigationItem a and b.

TabNavigationItem a is a dummy view for now with just a text element.
TabNavigationItem b is a SlidingTabNavigation with two SlidingTabNavigationItem c and d. Both c and d are also dummy views with a text element.

The first time that I open TabNavigationItem b, I can swipe left and right to navigate between SlidingTabNavigationItem c and d. However, once I select to TabNavigationItem a and go back to TabNavigationItem b, swiping left and right doesn’t completely scroll all the way between c and d. Instead, it just moves a little by little just like you scroll left and right a web page.

Do you have any suggestions to fix this? Thanks.

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I’ve been having the same problem with the SlidingTabNavigation for a while now except instead of TabNavigation, I’m using DrawerNavigation.