[Using Sentry] sentry-cli version update

Hi, I’ve been trying to create a script to automate the steps in Uploading source maps for updates

I’m missing only just one step that would be to login with sentry-cli using an auth-token as stated in Sentry Configuration before actually uploading the sourcemaps.

The problem is that apparently login in with auth-token does not work as expected with the current version of sentry-expo / sentry-cli (v 1.7.4) but when I use sentry-cli globally (v 2.12.0) it does work.

I was wondering if there is some kind of plan to update sentry-cli version within the expo version in the near future or should I just use the global version in the meantime.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @fcokapii, you continue to use the global CLI. We don’t directly list global Sentry CLI as a dependency for the sentry-expo package.

Great, thank you!

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