Using internal mic as audio source in expo Video


Is there any way to use device’s internal mic (or an external mic) as audio input source in Expo Video component instead of the Bluetooth mic, if the user is using Bluetooth headphones? I would like the user to be able to record a video that uses an external mic as audio input, while output is simultaneously routed to Bluetooth headphones.


First of all to determine if the hardware has those capabilities.
If you are simply recording, then you might need an external mixer to use both bluetooth and a plug-in mic. Perhaps you are asking to use the device as a mixer.
That is a great question. Sounds like a job for IOS and Android people to modify or create Expo component to accomplish. In general I tell people you cannot playback and record simultaneously, but then this is exactly what happens when we have a call, or even record, don’t we hear our voice through the output while we talk into the input?

Thanks for the reply. It’s definitely possible to playback and record simultaneously, but you do need to use headphones if you want decent recording quality. The issue is that if you’re recording vocals or something other than just speaking, the bluetooth headphones audio input often doesn’t cut it in terms of quality, hence wanting to be able to record from the device itself or through an external mic instead of the bluetooth headphones.

Maybe get a splitter for the headphone jack, to separate the mic from the speaker; use a headphone on one branch, and a higher quality mic, pre-amp or mixing device on the other branch. I think the phone jacks use 4 lead plug. I did buy a special cable for that, for inputting into it.