Using Firebase v9 with Snack


Recently, I’m creating my own Twitter clone app with Expo Snack to upgrade my RN skill.
I almost finished work of Authentication UI so I was going to add real back-end feature of authentication using Firebase.

However before I start to add my codes, I found problem that Snack couldn’t add firebase dependency showing Failed to resolve dependency ‘firebase@9.3.0’ (Can’t resolve ‘’ in ‘/tmp/snackager/snackager/buildStatus/1/firebase@9.3.0-ios,android,web/package’) error.

Because of this, I can’t take next steps to complete my project.
Please, let me know how to fix this error.

and my Snack URL is here: Ewitter - Snack

I have the same issue:
Failed to resolve dependency ‘firebase@*’ (Can’t resolve ‘’ in ‘/tmp/snackager/snackager/buildStatus/1/firebase@9.5.0-ios,android,web/package’)