Using expo on device through ngrok

I’m comfortable with ngrok for testing websites on my phone before updating production sites.

I’d like to load expo apps from the packager on my laptop through ngrok and test out the app on my phone. I’m working with internet that is blocking device communications through the router so I want to tunnel through ngrok.

I can forward port 19000 from expo through ngrok, but I don’t see how to specify the ngrok address in the expo phone app. Is this use case supported?

Hi @morenoh149,
If you log in to your Expo account in Expo Client and also using expo login, then all your apps started by expo start should be visible in Recently in development section in Expo Client, so you can easily open these apps :wink:
Another way is to scan QR code using Expo Client (Android) or using native Camera app (iOS).

Hope it helped!

How do you login? I tried using the cli but it looks like the metro bundler contends for the terminal input. Can I login via the browser at http://localhost:19002/ ?

I restarted the packager and pressed s to login :slight_smile:

I’m getting tunnel url not found and falling back to LAN in the browser and the terminal


Hi did you work this out??

The tunnel URL is failing for me as well and I can’t access over LAN because of the enterprise wifi.

Any help is appreciated!!

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