Using Expo ImagePicker

Hi everyone, I used expo’s imagepicker api. When i run it in my samsung android phone, i get a screen overlay detected error. I tried all the settings (turn on, turn off, reset system preferences etc…) however, it still cant work. I cant access my image folder. Anyone encounter tis prob too? Can share how u overcome? Tq

Are you using Facebook Messenger or any other app that draws on top of the screen?

Hi Jesse, it worked!

for the benefit of the forum users who encounter the same problem, i disabled all the apps under the ‘Apps that can appear on top’. After i disabled them all, I was able to get expo’s imagepicker api working.

Then, i proceeded to enabling them all again under the ‘Apps that can appear on top’ and the imagePicker still work fine.

Thanks for your pointer Jesse

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One new update, after i enabled all the apps under the ‘Apps that can appear on top’, i got the same problem again. it must be one of my apps that is causing this prob maybe, facebook messenger as u mentioned.

Glad it worked! FYI this error will affect all camera apps, so this isn’t specific to Expo. Just the way Android works unfortunately.