Using Expo Classic Build for Bare Workflow

Creating Standalone builds with the Bare Workflow

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I have made the switch from the managed to bare workflow and I am curious to know if using expo build tools is still right for me.

In the docs it mentions that Expo Go will no longer work for external react-native packages not included in the Expo SDK, does this apply to the Expo Classic Build tool as well?

Expo does a great job at keeping the build process simple and easy to use, so I would prefer to not switch to building standalone apps with react-native, but I know I will be adding external react-native libraries in the future.

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Hey @stefan23, the “Classic Build” system (expo build) will no longer be an option for you but I would strongly encourage you to look into EAS which is our new build system that is much improved and is where our focus is moving forward. Expo Application Services - Expo Documentation

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Adding on to what Adam said, EAS Build was built to support both managed and bare apps.

Also, if you want something similar to Expo Go for your bare app, you can build a custom dev client.

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@adamjnav @wodin

Thank you both for confirming this! I will take EAS build for a spin :slight_smile:

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