Using AccessibilityInfo with SDK 33

I’m working on my first React Native app and I want to use the AccessibilityInfo API as described in the expo documentation here:

The example on that page is straight forward but there’s one thing missing: where do I import AccessibilityInfo from? My IDE autocomplete suggests to import {AccessibilityInfo} from "react-native-web"; but that seems wrong because I understand that react-native-web is to help bring react-native features into a web app.

So instead I do import {AccessibilityInfo} from "react-native";

But when I try to do the following in my component:

componentDidMount () {
    AccessibilityInfo.isScreenReaderEnabled().then( (screenReaderEnabled) => {

I get a “TypeError: _reactNative.AccessibilityInfo.isScreenReaderEnabled is not a function”.

According to my IDE’s autocomplete, the AccessibilityInfo module only has the following methods: addEventListener , announceForAccessibilty , fetch , removeEventListener , setAccessibilityFocus . But according to the expo documentation linked above, I should have other methods such as isScreenReaderEnabled .

My only guess is that I’m not importing the correct module. But I didn’t find anything interesting while googling around. So can anyone point me in the right direction to help me solve that problem?

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