/Users/expo/project/build/package.json is missing

I was successfully running builds, but in my most recent 2 builds, I received the error:

/Users/expo/project/build/package.json is missing

I looked, and this file is in the root of my project (just like it always has been). Is there a way I can see what files are being uploaded to eas? I really don’t understand why this would suddenly be an issue.

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hi there!

you can see what is uploaded by running this command in your project directory:

git clone --local --no-hardlinks --depth 1 file:///path/to/your/git/repo- ~/path/to/clone/to

for example, on my macos machine if i have a project in ~/Downloads/supportive-juice-box and want to clone to ~/clone-path i would run this:

git clone --local --no-hardlinks --depth 1 file:///Users/brentvatne/Downloads/supportive-juice-box ~/clone-path/

so, basically it’s just a shallow clone of your project. then we tar that and upload it.

can you share more information about your project structure? is this a monorepo? are you using yarn workspaces?