Usename, Password, Sign In Button Android Resource Names

When submitting to the play store, I need to provide a test login account.

What are the Android resource names for react native components?
I’m using AWS Amplify for my Auth… don’t think that matters though.


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After some quick search around and looking at Expo’s documentation I came to the conclusion that this is not (yet?) possible.

There is an open issue on Github about it here.

If I’m wrong please correct me because I’m curious as well!


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Which they closed and moved to this other site…

So hard to keep track of what is where.

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Sorry for the confusion! For future reference and a good rule of thumb, bugs and potential issues belong under Github issues while Feature Requests belong on Canny. We try to do the same here at Expo. As this is a React Native issue, unfortunately there isn’t much we can do from our end.



Google Play doesn’t seem to care that it can’t login to my app, it still published it. I’m only doing a private beta right now.

I will let the thread know if that changes when I go live.
But, I assume it will still be fine or no one would be using RN for Android.

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