Use expo for all projects

Following this guide I installed and started my first app with react and expo correctly, without any problems.
Now how can I use expo to start any react project found on github or other sources?
For example I would like to try this component using expo.
Is this possibile?
Thank you

Hi @silli, glad you’ve started working with Expo!

I suggest reading through our docs, especially regarding Managed and Bare Workflows. If there’s a native module you need to use that Expo doesn’t support, then you’ll want to go with the bare workflow.

You are able to import js libraries, provided they’re solely js. A good rule of thumb is if the library requires you to make any manual native code changes or run react-native link , you won’t be able to use the library in a standard Expo project.

Let me know if that answers your question,

Reading these links Managed and Bare Workflows and Why not Expo?, things have become much clearer, but still not totally, as I have no experience with expo but neither with react, but I have a lot of experience with javascript and java for android.
I wish I could eliminate the use of android studio, and therefore also of xcode.

From what I understand with Managed workflow it means not using these two IDEs, but I could find limits.

With Bare workflow basically I shouldn’t have any limit but I have to configure everything manually. Does this mean I have to use IDEs?

If I use IDE which is the usefulness of expo in this sense? How can I use it?

Are there practical examples of both workflows?

Thank you

If you aren’t so experienced, I suggest going with the managed workflow, that’s where I started! Plus, most of the Expo documentation will refer to this workflow :+1:

And yes, with the bare workflow you need Xcode and/or Android Studio installed and working. You will have complete control over your project. This adds complexity to the development process, such as Expo’s APIs needing to be manually configured, rather than being ready to use on startup.

This page will walk you through starting a Bare application, and this one walks you through starting a Managed application.

Best of luck!

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