use expo build:web but with development settings

Hi there,

My understanding is running expo start --web will have expo build the project virtually in memory and no files are created in a directory somewhere. Is this correct?

If so I need to somehow generate the actual files in a directory to satisfy our internal development workflow.

I know I can publish via expo build:web however that produces a production versions of the js and assets.

I’ve also tried the following

EXPO_WEB_DEBUG=true expo build:web
expo build:web -d

But these do not produce “development” like files.

I’d like the built project to match development’s behaviour i.e.

  1. no minification
  2. errors reported in the browser screen
  3. full detailed stacktrace for errors in the console
  4. etc etc

Is there a way to do this?

Just bumping this one last time. If anyone has any information It would really help our team out.

Hi @adamtacchi

This might help with your problem:

Thank you @wodin! This looks promising!

I have a similar question.

When building with expo for web

Should the command
expo build:web -d
set __DEV__ to true within the built/deployed app?

I am still seeing DEV as false.

If this is the expected behavior, what does the -d flag do when building expo for web?

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