URL to the latest ipa file for a specific release channel with CLI

With the CLI, how can I get the URL to the latest binary file for a specific release channel?

There is this command to get a link to a binrary but it seems to return the latest binary from the default channel:
exp url:ipa

It seem also doesn’t have the --release-channel option that other commands have.

Did someone achieve that using another command?

Use case:
On our CI we use different release channels for different versions.
We use fastlane to push our binaries to Testflight.
So here are the steps:

  1. exp login
  2. exp build:ios --release-channel …
  3. exp url:ipa
  4. curl that ipa file
  5. fastlane push the ipa file to testflight

Step 3 return the url to the default channel ipa

hello! it looks like that command ignores the release channel. i pinged someone at expo about it

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