URL is invalid after detach with exp


I am using some native modules and had to detach using exp.

The build with xcode succeeded right away, but now i cant access the served bundle anymore:
“There was a problem loading the experience. Make sure you are serving your project from XDE or exp.”

The problem seems to be with the generated URL when serving.
Actually when i start serving it generates a URL like this: expb7495f1483ae4dc5aa0a5b1539facdd7://9w-5ed.xxxx.xxxxexp.direct : 80
Im not able to open this at all, but changing it to exp://9w-5ed.xxxx.xxxxexp.direct : 80 works!

So my question is how to fix that url to test the app on the iOS Simulator?

Hey @digitaledge,

Open up your project’s xcworkspace and you’ll find a file named EXShell.plist. It can be found in the Supporting folder under your project’s main folder. Fire up your project either via XDE or exp and copy the URL that is being served. Paste that URL into the developmentUrl key in the ExShell.plist file and then build your project.

Let me know if you run into any issues after following those steps!



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hey @adamjnav !
I’m having a similar issue…
bare with me as I’m not an experienced dev.

in my EXShell.plist I don’t have a key/value for developmentUrl. I’ll attach what I’ve got:
03 AM

my repo is cloned. another dev on my team ejected our app from EXPO. I’m unsure if I need to change some settings for my specific local dev env or not

In case another junior dev comes across this:

I had been using the expo XDE exclusively. I found a post somewhere that mentioned running the server w/o the XDE from the command line with exp start. the server url listed there was different than in the XDE, I’d love to know why or where/how they are set. My environment was set up already when I got the repo so I’m ignorant to much of the setup.
anyway…I had to use that url in the EXShell.plist for the manifestUrl.
worked for me