[Urgent] Is There A Way To Report Native Crash in Expo Managed? Pls help

I tried react-native-crashlytics but its not supported, i tried sentry but only catch JS error. i wanted to catch error the same as the googleplaystore catch in the CRASH And ARNS page.

If you build on EAS sentry-expo will also provide reports about native crashes

Is there a way that i can test a native error once i configured sentry in production?

I don’t know of a built-in way, but on Android, trying to set a style value to something invalid is one way to do it.

e.g. see the following snack. It checks the first few digits of a hash of the device name and crashes if it matches. So you can check the value for your devices, update the one in the code and watch the Expo Go app crash:

Maybe you can do something similar.

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