[URGENT HELP] does Expo SDK 43 has the newest version of segment?

Please provide the following: 43
2. android
3. Expo SDK, segment

Hey guys, i need help. i got email from google saying that my app contains segment (which i dont even install, prolly its one of expo dependencies) but they say that “will remove my app as soon as possible” now my app in production has SDK 43. what im asking is that if i rebuild the app with SDK 43 (assuming that expo team already updated the segment lib in sdk 43). does it will resolves the issue for segment? or do i need to upgrade to 44 / 45? cuz weve also already has the upgraded version of the app but we can not yet publish it due to business side…

Hi @womfinance

Below is the info about the versions of Segment.
Since you’re not actually using it, just building with EAS Build should remove Segment from your app.

The latest version of expo-analytics-segment for an SDK 43 managed workflow app is 11.0.4. It looks to me like the corresponding Segment Android SDK version is 4.10.4.

If I look at the documentation for the Segment Android SDK it looks like that is indeed the latest version:

Screenshot of Segment Android SDK docs

However, it looks like the iOS version is not the latest:

expo-analytics-segment seems to be based on version 4.0.4 of the Segment iOS SDK.

Whereas the Segment iOS SDK docs say 4.1.6 is the latest:


Note that in later Expo SDK versions, expo-analytics-segment is deprecated and it’s removed entirely in Expo SDK 46. So if you were actually using Segment, you would soon need to switch to @segment/analytics-react-native instead and build a development client to use instead of Expo Go.

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oh i see, we only focused on android app at the moment, so from what i understand is that rebuilding the app with SDK 43 will resolves the issue on android? and is it applied to expo:build android too (were not using EAS yet)

I think so, but not entirely sure. With EAS Build, the Segment native code would not even exist in your app at all, though. If it doesn’t get fixed with a simple rebuild, you might want to look into switching to EAS.Build.

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