Upside of using Support for Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) over expo?


I’m trying to put together a pros and cons list


  • both expo and FCM are free (essentially)


  • FCM backed by google
  • FCM is maybe more reliable uptime?


  • FCM is one more thing to setup/manage
  • FCM doesn’t work on ios yet (still need to handle ios push notifications with old api?)

Does anyone have experience/use cases where FCM out performs the basic expo setup?

GCM is deprecated so that’s another good pro

The “Using FCM” guide explains how to use FCM with Expo, which we highly recommend since we’ve seen very high rates of notifications dropped with GCM. The Expo vs FCM dichotomy doesn’t exist if you follow that guide, though, since you’re using both.

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Maybe I misunderstood the new feature. I guess my question was “why should I bother setting up FCM if expo’s setup works fine for me?”.

I went through the guide and fail on the upload api-token step, what kind of failures do you think I can expect here, the error message is just too generic:

>exp push:android:upload --api-key MY_TOKEN_HERE
13:54:24 [exp] Reading project configuration...
13:54:24 [exp] Logging in...
13:54:24 [exp] Setting API key on Expo's servers...
13:54:25 [exp] An unknown error occurred.

anyway I can see the logs?

sorry that I asked this on other thread, but it a bit urgent, and I assumed you are the go to guy for these issues :man_firefighter:


Hi @oren - “unknown errors” are not displayed publicly since they include internal stack traces, but can you try again?

Solved !

whoohoo, I knew you are the “go to guy” :),
your magic worked, uploaded successfully.

I know it’s possible to use Expo’s FCM on a standalone app, is it possible to use it on a detached app? @ide

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