Uploading .ipa to App Store without a macOS (on windows/linux)

Hi. I don’t have access to a macOS and I was wondering if there were any clever ways to upload a built .ipa to the App Store on Windows. After researching, I’ve heard that being able to upload an .ipa through Expo servers is somewhere on the roadmap - is this true? How is progress?
There’s the “use-submission-service” option in the documentation - but this is only for android and not iOS yet, right?

The only other idea I have is to upload the .ipa via a cloud service like macincloud. But that’s definitely a hassle everytime I want to update the app. Are there any other ways around this?


android uploads were released a few days ago and work on ios didn’t start yet. We definitely plan to support it, but we don’t have a timeline for that, I can’t say anything more specific than “most likely this year”

  • You can upload from amcincloud once and use OTA updates for everything.
  • You can upload from CI job that runs on macos
  • There are services that will upload ipa for you, but some of them look a bit sketchy, so you need to be careful if you go this way.

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