Uploading images on Expo Application with Google Cloud Storage

I’m trying to upload images by an Expo managed application to Google Cloud bucket (not Firebase), because our client already uses it. I didn’t find in expo a package to do this and I looked for a third party package too. It seem @google-cloud/storage package is not compatible with react-native. Are you planning to bring these integration to expo?

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I can’t answer the question about whether the Expo team plans to integrate something like this into Expo (since I’m just a fellow Expo user).

@google-cloud/storage is apparently a Nodejs-specific library. It looks like it depends on at least the ability to get environment variables from the OS which wouldn’t work on Android/iOS.

I’ve had a look at the documentation and although I find some of it a bit confusing it seem like you would be able to upload files to Google Cloud Storage using just HTTP requests after authentication.

Have a look at the documentation on the JSON API and when looking at examples, choose the REST APIs tab above the examples.


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