upload:ios fails with ExperimentalWarning

As of upgrading to expo 37 (this could be a coincidence) this week, the very normal process of running ‘expo upload:ios’ using the expo CLI fails with:

(node:15820) ExperimentalWarning: The dns.promises API is experimental
Downloading [ ] 0% 0.0

I am able to download by build from my expo dashboard no problem and then use Transporter to upload it into my apple account…but i am wondering why this is now failing?

below is the output of my expo diagnostics…
Expo CLI 3.21.5 environment info:
OS: macOS 10.15.4
Shell: 5.7.1 - /bin/zsh
Node: 10.13.0 - /usr/local/bin/node
Yarn: 1.22.0 - ~/.yarn/bin/yarn
npm: 6.5.0 - /usr/local/bin/npm
Android Studio: 3.5 AI-191.8026.42.35.5791312
Xcode: 11.5/11E608c - /usr/bin/xcodebuild
expo: ^37.0.0 => 37.0.12
react: 16.9.0 => 16.9.0
react-dom: 16.9.0 => 16.9.0
react-native: https://github.com/expo/react-native/archive/sdk-37.0.1.tar.gz => 0.61.4
react-native-web: ^0.11.7 => 0.11.7
react-navigation: ^4.2.2 => 4.2.2

It looks like you’re using Node 10.13.0, I’d recommend updating to 12.18.0. We aim to support the current LTS release and the latest release as per https://nodejs.org/en/

thanks. that did it. couldn’t find a solution anywhere given the error message it was firing back. appreciate it.

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