Upgrading to expo-font 9.0 makes fonts not showing

I have recently upgraded expo-font to 9.0 from 8.4… and suddently the icons did not get displayed…and get that error :
fontFamily "ionicons" is not a system font and has not been loaded through Font.loadAsync

I loaded the font at App.js like this:

	const [fontsLoaded ,setFontsLoaded] = useState(false);

  useEffect(() => {
    // Snip


  }, [])
  const fonts = {
      'Roboto': require('native-base/Fonts/Roboto.ttf'),
      'Roboto_medium': require('native-base/Fonts/Roboto_medium.ttf'),
  async function _loadFontsAsync() {
    await Font.loadAsync(fonts);

Downgrading to 8.4.0 again make it work again (without changing any code)…

What should I do to be able to upgrade to 9.0 ?

I’m on expo SDK40 on android


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