Upgrading from SDK45 to SDK47 makes Updates.reloadAsync crash app

SDK Version: 47 (didn’t have this problem on 45)
Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): iOS only

After upgrading from sdk45 to sdk47 I am getting crashes every time I call Updates.reloadAsync() no changes have been made to the app other than the upgrading of libraries and such to match the newer sdk values.

The code itself is pretty strait forward. I have an appUpdateStore that initializes before the splash screen is unlocked and checks if a new update is available. If one is, it downloads it and reloads the app (so the user doesn’t see a flash).

async init() {

        if (inDevApp) {
            return; // can't check for updates in dev app
        const updateRes = await Updates.checkForUpdateAsync()

        if (updateRes.isAvailable) {
            runInAction(() => this.waitingForReload = true)
            await Updates.fetchUpdateAsync()
            await Updates.reloadAsync()

Crash logs on sentry give


~JSCRuntime > Assertion failed: (objectCounter_ == 0 && “JSCRuntime destroyed with a dangling API object”), function ~JSCRuntime, file JSCRuntime.cpp, line 397. > JSCRuntime.cpp > objectCounter_ == 0 && “JSCRuntime destroyed with a dangling API object”

It seems like this is another manifestation of a bug fixed in sdk 46. Could it be possible that it snuck back into 47? How should we proceed? Because not being able to guarantee users have the latest front end means we can’t deploy our frontend and backend in lockstep anymore which introduces a whole new set of issues.

Update: the await Updates.fetchUpdateAsync() is now hanging on iOS (when I remove it, await Updates.reloadAsync() still crashes the app like before only now you have to close and open the app twice to actually get the latest update)

Can we get some guidance on this? It’s been ten days and I’ve seen two other people post about the same thing. Not being able to update over the air is a huge deal.

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