Upgrade Apple provisionings when create a build

Hi, i’ve opened an old Expo project, when i try to create an IOS build (expo build: ios) it connect to itunes and retrive all profiles and show all availables … the correct profile was expired and i’ve edit with a new Certificate … when i try to create a build i can’t see the updated profile, there are a way to force expo to pull new provisioning from Apple?

The build function it show the right bundle (ex: my.app) but the profile is NOT associated to profile it show after

I’ve to delete the profile from Apple and create a new profile with the same boundle?
This operation will be affect the published app?

Hey @mgiorgi, if you deleted the associated credentials from your Apple Developer Portal you should be prompted to generate new ones upon creating a new build for you project. You can also run expo credentials:manager to perform more fine-tuned actions on your accounts credentials.


I also have the same issue.

@ mgiorgi and can’t find a solution.

go to https://expo.io/accounts/[account]/projects/[project]/credentials?platform=ios and delete your provisioning profile, then run a build again

The correct profile turned into expired and i’ve edit with a new Certificate … whilst i try and create a construct i’m able to’t see the updated profile, there are a manner to force expo to drag new provisioning from Apple for more

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