Updating testflight OTA


I’m sitting with a project that I have built and uploaded to testflight. My issue here is now that i’ve gotten my users to test the app i want to fix minor bug fixes, e.g not rebuild the entire app and upload a new IPA file to testflight.
I initially thought expo publish would do the trick with OTA updates and what not, but it doesnt seem to do anything even though it goes through without any issues etc.

do I HAVE to upload a new ipa everytime i do a bugfix or am I doing this wrong?

Hi Oskar,

Yes, it should be possible to just publish an update and have the Testflight app pick up the updated JS bundle OTA. There are some exceptions to that such as if you have upgraded the Expo SDK version or made certain other changes in app.json. More info here - https://docs.expo.io/versions/latest/workflow/publishing/#some-native-configuration-cant-be-updated-by.

If you built the app with a specific release channel you will need to publish to the same release channel for it to be picked up. If you didn’t specify the release channel for the build or publish then the default release channel will be used for both and it should be fine.

The flow that Expo goes through to decide which published bundle to pick up is here - https://docs.expo.io/versions/latest/distribution/advanced-release-channels/#what-version-of-the-app-will-my.

If you display your version number in your app (from app.json) then that can help confirm whether the changes are being picked up.

Let me know if any of that helps.