Updating Badge count silently (no push notification)

Hey everyone,

I’d like to update the badge count on my app without a push notification.

We send 1 push notification every morning (should be visible)
We would like to update the badge count 2x a day without showing a push notification (things we handle behind the scenes).

I know I can use setBadgeNumberAsync to set the badge number, but can I set the badge number w/o a notification using Expo?

I’m assuming this would be done with Background App Refresh?

Thank you!

The mechanism for setting the badge count on iOS is through a local notification. You should be able to set the badge number locally without a push notification nor displaying a message.

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Hey James,

Thanks for the reply! Even if the app isn’t open? We process data in the background and if the # of active items goes down, we want to update the badge to reflect that too, even if you’re not using the app.

If you are able to run code in the background (this is the tricky part), calling that API should work.

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