Updating app.json android.package setting reset AsyncStorage for published iOS app


I have a published an iOS app that has been out there for a while. Today I had released an Android version. While building the Android version I had to change the expo.android.package setting in app.json to prevent interference with other Android builds I have on Play Store. This seems to have somehow reset AsyncStorage data for all the existing iOS (not Android) users of the app.

Any help is highly appreciated!

hello! this is just how android works. if you change the package name you don’t have access to the data. it’s like how you can go to forums.expo.io and be signed in, but if you go to google.com you’re not signed in to expo there

Thanks nobrent. However the issue is that it reset iOS app data.

probably you changed some other key in app.json as well - maybe the slug?

Just checked Git history, there are no other changes. Also changing the slug would publish it to a different url, so, in my mind, it would not have affected the existing iOS build.

oh ok. well you can verify that this doesn’t actually happen by setting a package name, publishing and setting some asyncstorage, then change packagename, publish again, and notice that asyncstorage works as expected on ios. something else must have changed

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