Updating APN certs for a standalone Expo app

Expo seemingly “lost” our app’s push certs when upgrading from a previous release (i.e. it forced us to generate new ones, and we ended up revoking the old one in the process since we hit the max certificate limit). Now that our new app version is out in the app store (with the new cert generated by Expo) push is no longer working. When trying to send push from Push Notification Tool — Expo, it’s showing an error saying that push cert has been revoked, so it looks like Expo is still using the old cert (that it lost previously), and not the new one it just generated.

Is there a way to update the APN cert on Expo’s side so I can fix push notifs for my app?

Sorry to hear you’re seeing these issues. Running exp build:ios -c should clear your certificates but just to be sure, I’ll follow up with you so we get this resolved.

Thanks, @ide! After clearing the certificates, should I have Expo generate new ones again, or try uploading the previously generated cert from Apple dev portal?

Hi @lev - letting Expo regenerate the certificates is simplest since we’ll configure the right type of certificate for you (namely it needs to be for production, not sandbox) but you can upload a certificate too if you’d like.

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