Updates.addListener not working on Android for bare workflow, SDK 37

Hi all, I’m converting an ExpoKit app (SDK 37) to bare workflow and currently replacing expo-updates in it.

In testing out the change, I’ve noticed that Updates.addListener works as expected on iOS, but the callback doesn’t seem to fire on Android – except for a single time I saw it on Android, which I wasn’t able to repeat again. I have check for updates set to ALWAYS and the launch delay set to 0ms.

Automatic updates themselves do work – when I reload the app after it would be downloaded in the background, I see the update. It’s just that the listener isn’t firing the callback reliably.

Any ideas? Did I misconfigure something? I’m starting to wonder if whatever emits this event is firing before the JS loads on Android and the listener isn’t set up by the time the event is emitted?

Hey @lindboe, can you let me know what version of expo-updates the project is using? As well, is this occurring with multiple android devices or a singular device?


We’re using expo-updates@0.2.14.

So far I only tested on an Android emulator, a Pixel 3a API 29.

please update to the latest version, 0.4.2 :slight_smile:

We updated to the latest version that expo install gave us. I was under the impression that was used to help make sure we didn’t make any updates to expo libraries that weren’t cross-compatible with each other? Was that mistaken? I was basing that assumption off of this issue/comment.