Updated Expo client unable to record error log

I have upgraded to the expo client on iOS, also upgrading to new SDK 35 from SDK 32. Now I found that when running my project in the new client, it crashes the whole expo app when having errors. It left no error logs in expo client and in the console as well, which makes the debugging seems impossible. Does anyone else also encounter the same issue?


Hey @tonyfung99,

Sorry you’re experiencing this :confused:. Two questions of curiosity here:

  1. Are you able to try on Android and see if the client crashes as well?
  2. Can you try creating a new project and seeing if an error also causes the crash?


Thank you @adamjnav for your response.

  1. As the error only happens on iOS, so when I test it with Android client it behaves normally.
  2. The error crashed the app is a specific error ( so not all error will crash the expo client )

And after few days of blink testing, I found out that the crash is caused by a 3rd party libraries on iOS. Seems it will crash the RN rendering engine (Sorry I am quite new to RN so I cannot sure about it), which I am not sure is it possible for expo to maintain alive or to capture the error…

The issue that cause the crash: