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Hi guys,

I am in the process of updating my SDK from v28 to v32 for a particular release channel. Whilst I’m doing this, I also want to update the slug in the app.json file. Will this have an impact on my over-the-updates for the app? Or will I need to stick with the slug that I built v28 with for the app to get over-the-updates?

Many thanks in advance.

Hey @celer,

You technically could but I wouldn’t recommend it. If you ever wanted to update an older version of the app, you’d need to remember the slug value as it is part of the path for production URLs. You’ll want to make use of Release Channels instead.


Hey Adam,

thanks for your reply.
So client’s branch is ACME. And when I do a release, I normally do
exp publish --release-channel acme.

So you’re suggesting that I set up another release channel if I want to update the slug? i.e

exp publish --release-channel acme_new ?

Kind regards

The branch should remain the same. If you want to push changes just to your new SDK32 version, you could use something like expo publish --release-channel acme_new. If you haven’t used release channels before, the “channel” you’ve been using is called default.

You’ll also want to make sure you’re using expo-cli rather than exp as we have long since replaced exp with the new devtools.

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