Update Listener for App Store/Play Store Builds

  1. SDK Version: 44
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android/iOS

I’d like to implement an update listener which blocks user interaction and force user to update to continue using the app. This is possible with the expo-updates package, but only for the OTA updates. According the docs, OTA updates has some limitations, and don’t cover all aspects.

Please note - if you wish to update the SDK version of your app, or make any of the these changes, you’ll need to rebuild your app with eas build (or expo build if you are using the classic build service) and upload the binary file to the appropriate app store (see the docs here).

In any future, I may deploy a new build to the store (for example when Expo SDK 45 is released), and force users to update their apps in the store. How can I check if there is a new version available in the Play Store/App Store, and force users to update their app (not with expo-updates Updates.fetchUpdateAsync() or Updates.reloadAsync())?

hope this helps

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