update ipa with expo publish

expo version 34
I build my app and upload ipa succesfuly on itunes using just expo build:ios command , now I want to use expo publish command for first time ? I am confusing about relesase channels ! simply what is the command that I can use to make my changes reflect on ipa that is already uploaded on itunes ?

Hey @shadymoner,

Take a look at this flow chart to see how publishing works with release channels: https://docs.expo.io/versions/v35.0.0/distribution/advanced-release-channels/#what-version-of-the-app-will-my


I read the docs but I am still confused please calrify this for me , what is the command that will make my changes reflect on production expo publish prod-v1 ? I am begginer and I am still confused , thanks in advance

Running expo publish will push the JS bundle changes to any compatible (binary with the same SDK version) that is on the default channel. If you specified a Release Channel, you’ll need to run expo publish --release-channel insert-your-channel-name-here to ensure the changes are pushed only to those binaries built using the release channel.

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thank you so much

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