Update EAS latest build image to pnpm v8

pnpm v8 recently released: Release v8.0.0 · pnpm/pnpm (github.com)

Could you please update pnpm v7 to v8 on the latest build image?
pnpm v8 finally installs peer dependencies, so I want to update because I get errors like this on EAS:

├─┬ expo-router
│ ├── ✕ missing peer metro@~0.76.0
│ ├── ✕ missing peer react-native-gesture-handler@"*"
│ └─┬ expo-splash-screen
│   └─┬ @expo/prebuild-config
│     └── ✕ missing peer expo-modules-autolinking@>=0.8.1
└─┬ react-native
  └─┬ react-native-codegen
    └─┬ jscodeshift
      └── ✕ missing peer @babel/preset-env@^7.1.6
Peer dependencies that should be installed:

you can install any version you like in a pre install hook: Build lifecycle hooks - Expo Documentation

you can call out to a script that runs this: Installation | pnpm

we’ll update this at some point soon as well! but just wanted to let you know you can control it too

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