Unversal links for auth redirects?

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  1. SDK Version:40
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all):all
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This is a question that refers to Android standalone app.

Is it possible to use universal HTTPS link for redirection from social media logins?
At the moment I’m using WebBrowser openAuthSessionAsync method for my Linkedin login.
Everything works well except WebBrowser doesn’t redirect me to my app, instead opens a vmware web page since universal link that I’m using for my app is not an address that is a real website.

I get the same behavior with AuthSession.
It is good to mention that Linkedin does not allow custom redirect scheme, only https links.

So, is the case that a proxy web page is needed for redirection when an auth server is accepting only https universal links for redirect url.The way I see it this is the only way since WebBrowser will not redirect back using https universal link.

I have intent filter setup up for android universal link and it it works hen sharing a link, app is being opened.

If somebody can clarify this, I would be grateful.

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